Hatmaker Week 32, August 2023: Time to wear felt hats!

Hatmaker Week 32, August 2023: Time to wear felt hats!

Autumn is just around the corner, depending on where you are in the world. We had some stormy weather recently and now summer came back for a final push. The apples on the trees are almost ready to pick! Amazing season. 

I have kept busy learning to use the new machines and I think I have gotten a hang of it. Any new hat that I am crafting will be made with those machines. See two blog posts back for images of the Platter and Crown Iron machine that I started to use at the beginning of the month. Why do I need those machines? It's rather large investment. Well, I am making more hats and the machines will help with a part of the process which will put less strain on my hands and arms. The result is pretty much the same but perhaps more consistent than before. Still handmade, but an extra pair of hands is always welcome. The sewing part of the process of crafting hats is still time consuming but a very important part to make by hand. That will not change. Probably binding the brim and stitching the entire sweatband is what takes most time now. I can see that more felts are stacking up on the shelves waiting for a sweatbands and other details. 

Speaking of felts! I just received a replenishment of Silverbelly and Emerald Gray felts. 100X and both 100X and 50X for the Emerald Gray. Over 150 pieces in total. A very expensive investment as the price of felts have increased significantly. But they are also among the most popular felt colors that I have. I should receive another replenishment in September/ October. As of yet I am not sure. Then there are orders coming in for felts during the first part of 2024. New colors and new fur blends. Very excited about those. Already, I am planning new felt orders that I will place in September for both replenishment and for new colors. They will probably arrive late 2024. We will see how it goes. Longest I have waited for felt replenishment is over a year now. Not fun at all. 

I am working on getting the studio ready with more crafted furniture, therefore no new photo of the studio. I have made two new worktables, which will house particular stations for the crafting process. A whole station for the Sweatbands and another for brim binding and ribbon. It will all make sense once I show you the studio. This is just exciting how things are unfolding. 

A bit of trouble with the photos this week. I still don't have electricity on the second floor and the sun made everything very yellow. Still working on this, therefore no new videos either until I have managed to fix this. I am a Hatmaker, not a Photographer. 

Better get back to it! Thank you for your continued support! 



Mikael Einarsson | HUFVUD HATMAKER | Askeröd, Sweden. 

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I have the the Bogart Silverbelly. In fact the one in the photo is mine. The Fedora is beautiful and the quality is amazing. I know have 4 fedoras from Mikael. all are incredible.

David Bonnes

I ordered the custom brown Leifer in the pics. This is seriously one of the nicest fedoras I’ve ever owned. The fur felt (beaver 30x) is of the top quality ive ever handled. I put my own Diamond crown crease in it and it looks amazing. I’ve been following Hufvud for the last few years and Ive never seen any negative reviews or complaints. I’m glad I made that decision and cannot wait to start saving for a custom 100x Silverbelly Bogart. Thanks again Mikael and good luck getting your studio set up. It’s been a pleasure!


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