Hatmaker Week 44, November 2023: New Shelf and Upcycling

Hatmaker Week 44, November 2023: New Shelf and Upcycling

If you follow my Facebook group, not the hacked one, then you have seen the update for this week. I finished a shelf for my flange tools and flange stands which will house some of my flanges but not all. Flange is a particular tool, looks like a portable toilet seat for various sizes, that is used to shape the brim for the finishing touch. A Hatmaker needs a lot of those and I have more of those flanges coming in. Ergo, I need more of these shelves. Because I have more of those tools in the studio. But I also need a dedicated shelf for the wooden crown blocks. That is on my to do list next. Hopefully, I can have another shelf ready before the end of the year. The studio is really coming together, and that is good. 

I am also working on upcycling older hats. Mainly those with a perfect felt, with dirt is fine, but with a broken sweatband. I look for hats that someone is getting rid of at a low cost and there are a lot of those out there. Old felts are just amazing to work with and even more amazing to wear. Pay attention to the updates in the Facebook group as I will take you along on that journey to make old hats great again.

It is expensive to purchase old hats and I am not sure how high I can place the price. My personal cost for these old hats is around 200 - 300 USD. I normally placed them at 400 USD sale on the Marketplace. It's not a great return on the investment, but the old hats are being worn again. I still need to included shipping which is not cheap. If popularity increase then I might have to increase the price as well. But know that it is pricy to import quality old felts from USA to Sweden. We are definitely lacking this quality felt in Europe as what is sold in big stores are just crap. 

And yes, I am officially a part time fireman for my local fire brigade. Had my first potential fire rescue last week. I just dropped everything and ran to the car. Managed to be at the station and ready within 3 - 4 min. I guess that's why they wanted me to join. Though, need to go through training during next year to be fully qualified. All in due time. A great excuse to get fit and stay health. One should always stay healthy anyways. 

Thank you for your support and kind encouragements. You are supporting a small business and a small family in Sweden. 


Mikael Einarsson | HUFVUD HATMAKER | Askeröd, Sweden.

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