Hatmaker Week 46, November 2023: 250 felts are on the way!

Hatmaker Week 46, November 2023: 250 felts are on the way!

You read the heading correctly! I have over 250 pieces of felts coming in before the end of the year. That is absolutely fantastic. In a time were waiting period for felts is over a year, they are suddenly at my door steps. There are three new colors, two of those I have had before. But never in a beaver blend. Then there are replenishment for some other colors which are much awaited. Not ready to reveal those just yet. There are still a couple of weeks before the felts arrive at the studio and they won't all arrive at the same time. Some adjustments are being made and I also need to hunt down the funds to pay for it all. Felts are expensive and 250 of those is a very hefty sum to pay all at once. This is were your lovely custom orders or purchase from the Marketplace helps me to buy new felts. Please go on a shopping spree at Hufvud.com. It would be most needed right now. 

I am also building another shelf in order to clean up the studio a bit more, get more organized that is. A well organized workshop makes for a very efficient work place. More on that later on. I might release images of the studio in time for Christmas. Let's see. A lot is going on and I am striving to have a new Homburg sample ready to show you by next week. I was working on 2 particular models, but only one can be ready at the moment. For those of you waiting on a custom Homburg, and there are a lot of you, the wait is soon over. Another Christmas gift perhaps. 

Got to get back to work! Thanks for all your orders and kind words! You are keeping me busy in 2024 as well. Much appreciated!



Mikael Einarsson | HUFVUD HATMAKER | Askeröd, Sweden.


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