Hatmaker Week 7, February 2023: Move completed, time to build!

Hatmaker Week 7, February 2023: Move completed, time to build!

Dear friends!

The move to the new studio is complete. I am currently using part of the space. What you see in the photo is just a quarter of the lower floor and there is still a second floor that I hope to have ready towards the summer or early autumn. I am yet to install a couple of machines in order to start working on your hats. The spinner machine in the back is still in pieces, scattered over the table. However, work will resume tomorrow morning. Most of my felts and blocks are still packed and I am spending greater part of the evening preparing it for tomorrow. My office is still not in place, printer and computer is still packed that will help to handle the normal operation but I am aiming to have it ready during the course of the week.

There are more tools and machines coming in the following months that will enhance the studio considerably. All my low quality plastic storage boxes will be replaced by handmade wooden boxes that will keep items more secured and protected. 

I thank you for your patience during this transition period and I am happy to be crafting your hats again. It's a strange feeling to be away from crafting hats for such a long period. Now, let the creativity flow!


Mikael Einarsson | HUFVUD HATMAKER | Askeröd, Sweden


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Mikael, congratulations on the move, the upgrades, new space etc. Beside yourself, how many are currently engaged in the making of your hats? Kindest regards.


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