Hatmaker Week 15, April 2023: Cagney Fedora!

Hatmaker Week 15, April 2023: Cagney Fedora!

The 1930s saw some of the most beautiful and iconic hats. Catching a film noir movie on the TV is gold. I wish I could visit a 1930s hat store and try on their latest hats. Those days are gone, but I got the next best thing for you. Let me know your favorite hat from the 1930s and I am happy to recreate it for you. These hats are just wonderful and I am getting more and more request to recreate styles from the past. It has been part of my hat journey to bring back old hat styles. Not only should they look the part, they should sit on your head like a custom glove. 

Spring is here and soon summer is upon us. Just absolutely wonderful! I am working on my studio, working in the garden and crafting your custom orders. Life couldn't be better than this. I hope you will enjoy this CAGNEY FEDORA. Silverbelly color in 100X Beaver. A beautiful felt and just amazing to wear. 

Have a wonderful Sunday! 



Mikael Einarsson | HUFVUD HATMAKER | Askeröd, Sweden. 


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How can I get this Cagney Fedora? Email 📧 me back.

Thanking you in advance.

Wendell Dixon

I would like to purchase the Cagney Fedora. I really like the cut o that hat. I would like it in the silver bell color size 7. What’s the height of that crown and the length of the brim?

Wendell Dixon

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