Hatmaker Week 19, May 2023: Old School Hatmaking

Hatmaker Week 19, May 2023: Old School Hatmaking

I have been busy. Too busy in fact. The second floor of the studio is coming along nicely. Slowly but surely, the walls are coming up. Electrical wires have been prepped. I hope it can be ready before the end of May, which is only two weeks away. Give or take. It's going to be an amazing place to work from. 

Earlier this week I received some much awaited tools. Custom irons, heated on a fire stove or heating plate and used instead of the conventional steam iron. It has been my goal to bring back tools from the past that are related to making of hats. The old way was often the best way. Not the easiest way, but a forgotten knowledge where convenience has taken over the planet. These heavy old style clothing irons provides proper heat and pressure to shape felt and are also used in the making of Silk Top Hats as well as stiff bowler/ derby hats. I am very excited to start to work with these. They were made locally at a Swedish foundry and it took more than six months to get my hand on these. I requested 5 - 6 and ended up with 7 pieces. Lucky number seven! I have already placed an order for additional tools and equipment, but it takes time to have them made.

I am not only improving and building my studio, I am also spending a lot of time in my garden as well as improving my home. Much has to be done but all in due time. I have another two major machines coming in during June/ July and I hope to have them operational before the autumn arrives. It will truly change the look of the studio and influence the process that I have in place for crafting hats. 

Another update, that I will roll out soon, is for custom orders. There will be an option to select between three types of crown shape: OVAL, LONG OVAL and EXTRA LONG OVAL. It will help to make the fitting much more comfortable without having to visit my studio for using the conformateur that gives an exact shape of your head. The CAMEL OPEN CROWN below is made with an LONG OVAL shape. One of the first that is leaving the studio next week. I am always happy to improve, both for your custom experience and also for the way that I craft hats. 

Thank you for your attention, your support and kind words. I am happy to be crafting your hats! 


Mikael Einarsson | HUFVUD HATMAKER | Askeröd, Sweden. 




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