Hatmaker Week 17, April 2023: Good things to come!

Hatmaker Week 17, April 2023: Good things to come!

Lucky with the weather, but a very cold spring this year. Tomorrow is the first of May and I hope the Summer season is about to begin. I have been speaking to my suppliers, vendors of all sorts, regarding deliveries of certain items that I have ordered over the past year. I should be getting a lot of deliveries this coming month and all through summer! Felts, machines, tools and so on.

Very exciting to start to work a bit differently but also improve the craft as I go along. The studio is still under a bit of construction as the 2nd floor is not yet finished. I will hopefully have that room ready in May. Is there a 2nd floor? Yes there is. The first floor is where all the heavy duty work will take place. It will be a magnificently coordinated ballet of water and steam. Upstairs will be the general assembly of hats. Detailed work and all preparations for your hats. It's also where I will accept appointments depending on the season. There is room to sit outside in the garden while we discuss your new custom fedora. 

A lot will change in the coming months, delays may happen, but overall I can see my plans are being realized. That is amazing!

What's happening with the Bowlers and Top Hats? They are coming and they are going to be amazing. Delays due to that certain tools have not arrived yet. Custom orders for specialized tools takes time and costs a lot. I will provide you with more updates on that later this summer. I am suspecting that Bowlers, in many forms, will be available soon. I am starting a test run soon. 

Please enjoy these two Leifur Fedoras, one custom and one for the Marketplace. 

Thank you all for your kind support. Placing orders, sending donations and words of encouragements is all welcome and it helps. 

Have a wonderful Sunday!


Mikael Einarsson | HUFVUD HATMAKER | Askeröd, Sweden. 

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