Hatmaker Week 2, January 2023: So it begins

Hatmaker Week 2, January 2023: So it begins

I posted this photo in the Hufvud Hatmaker Facebook group during the week. The new felt colors arrived and it is better than expected. I started to block out two sample hats, one in each color an two different sizes that will be available in the marketplace in the coming weeks. I also placed an order for new ribbon colors to go with the felts. I have several ideas for matching ribbons but I wanted something that match the felt first. Some ribbons I had in stock, but some widths needed to be ordered. Going to be two interesting hats when they are completed. I am not sure how popular these colors will be, but I wanted to have some new colors to go with the new year. 

I have not taken many photos of it yet, but I have a batch of western felt in stock. Various colors as well as different fur blends. Rabbit, 50% Beaver and 100% Beaver. The website has been updated with a western section where you can find more information. I will add more over the coming weeks. In less than a month I will be moving to a new home and a new, much larger, studio. I am aiming to take better and more photos of my work from there with more live videos. The YouTube Hufvud channel will change in time for summer. I am not confident to stand in front of a camera but a couple of live feeds can't hurt.

During this week I placed orders for some custom hatmaking machines that will help in the process and speed of making Hufvud Hats. These machines are very expensive and will help me not to break my wrists from working all the time. My hats are still handmade of course. I till be a welcome addition to the studio and when you come and visit the workshop I will have something more to talk about. 

Regarding the new felt colors, one will be called Rusty Rose and the other Majestic Blue. They are not up on the site yet, but if you are interested please let me know. I am hoping to have two sample hats finished before I update the site. I can still make a custom invoice for you if you want a certain style in this lovely Rusty Rose. 

I am able to take orders for western hats as well. Send me an email and I can tell you what I am able to craft for you. The crown height is maximum 6 inches, even though that might be a bit of a stretch, and the brim width goes all the way to 4 1/4 inch to almost 4 1/2 inch. Depends a bit on the size of the hat. But do let me know what you are looking for and I will let you know if its possible. The price point for these felts are currently very cheap. I should be charging much more as the cost is very high. But I am feeling generous at the moment and I suggest that you take advantage of that before I raise the price of western felts. 

The western hat in the photo is a restoration of an older hat. It's was probably a 1970s Stetson 3X Beaver hat that was in need of repair. I don't have a before photo but I added a brim binding and a wider ribbon around the crown. I have not finished shaping the brim as it should be the same on both sides as well as a taller curve upwards. Not sure how I can explain that in a better way. But this will probably be my personal hat as I am exploring this hat style at the moment. This old felt is amazing! I can't wait to take this out in the rain and let it protect my eyes from the sun. A wonderful year 2023 ahead!

Thank you for your continued support, you are helping to keep this very unique crafting art alive in Sweden. Have a wonderful Sunday!



Mikael Einarsson | HUFVUD HATMAKER | Lund (Less than a month to go), Sweden

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