Hatmaker Week 3, January 2023: Western Weight

Hatmaker Week 3, January 2023: Western Weight

I have some very interesting western hats to show you this week! These two hats are Western Open Crown hats and they are available for sale. Size 61 and size 59. I didn't place them in the Marketplace yet as I am wondering if I should shape them or make them available as Open Crown and the buyer can let me know how they would like the hat. The Brim is 4 1/4 inch wide and the Crown is 5 1/4 inch tall. I also did not attach a liner as I might make it an option to decide on the color. I do have two liners ready that I can attach to the hats and they are ready to ship out. I also have to make a custom shipping box as my regular boxes are for dress fedoras and not western sized hats.

The felts in these hats are Western Weight. It means that they are thicker, much thicker, than the regular dress weight fedora and they also have a higher degree of stiffening. Just an absolutely amazing hat. I have fallen in love with crafting western hats, expect to see many more of them over the course of the year 2023. I am also starting to wear one myself, which might look strange in Sweden, but Sweden just have to get used to it that hats are awesome and very multifunctional. 

I have received a custom order for a western hat that I will begin to craft next week. Very much looking forward to receiving feedback on these hats. In order to make the hat conform to your size, you simply have to steam on the outside of the crown for a few seconds, all the way around, and place the hat on your head. Leave it there for a couple of minutes and it fits like a glove. A hat store should be able to help you out, otherwise I am able to help with this. In a couple of ways. Either pre-shape it for you or have you visit the shop once I am ready to accept visitors this summer. 

I also completed two custom orders. One lovely Campaign hat in 50X Beaver Blend, Steel Color, and a Leifur Fedora in 30X Beaver Blend, Sable Brown. They are ready to ship out tomorrow, to USA.

I have a lot going on around me, all because of the great move to the countryside with my home and studio. It's going to be a game changer and a much better environment for all of us. Exciting 2023!

As always, I appreciate your custom orders and overall support. Just fantastic! I will be able to craft more hats this year because of the added workshop space and more hats will be available in the Marketplace. I am also looking forward to accepting visitors to the studio. I am leaning towards only accepting private appointments in order to fully focus on you 100%. Let me know if you are interested to visit and let's start to talk about your future hat. 

Enjoy the videos!


Mikael Einarsson | HUFVUD HATMAKER | Lund (Getting closer to lift off!), Sweden


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