Hatmaker Week 36, September 2023: Productivity is up!

Hatmaker Week 36, September 2023: Productivity is up!

This week has been exceptional! Working in the new studio is fantastic. It has become more organized than before, every tool and item at it's ideal spot. Well, that can always be optimized and improved upon. But generally, I have a great flow of the production. 

I have received a batch of Nutria felts that I am testing out in the next couple of weeks. So far, I am quite impressed! It's a felt that is said to be equal to 100% Beaver felt. The first couple of hats might be ready in a week or two. If all goes well, I will have those felts on offer pretty soon. Great to have an alternative source of hat material. For those that don't know, Nutria is a rodent that is very invasive in USA and instead of burning up all the fur, why not make hats for all to enjoy. I am all against keeping animals captive. Both Beaver and Nutria as considered invasive and can't be kept in fur farms at all. Rabbit on the other hand can. That's why I have moved away from it altogether, except for Beaver blends. But I am not going below 50% Beaver in the new materials that I order. 

All the hats that you see from now on are made with the new tools that I received during summer. Very exciting to be working with these wonderful machines. Well worth the investment and it has made my work much more efficient. I still work long hours, but it's a lot of fun to craft hats. 

So much is happening in the studio and I have to get back to work! Thank you for you continued support with orders and compliments!



Mikael Einarsson | HUFVUD HATMAKER | Askeröd, Sweden. 


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