Hatmaker Week 38, September 2023: Where is your fedora?

Hatmaker Week 38, September 2023: Where is your fedora?

Half way through September and there is still some Summer vibe in the air. The weather is amazing. Much better than two months back. I wonder why? Well weather control and what not. Just when people are going back to work and school. Staying indoors. Ah well. The blog post hats are getting some Autumn look. Oxblood Bogart Fedora in 100X Beaver. Creased like the Bogart Fedora from the movie Maltese Falcon. I love that look! Especially nice in an Oxblood color felt. 

I am crafting more Adventure hats! Western thick felt shaped as a Leifur Fedora. The ideal hat for your adventure out in the wild. Wild life or wild city. Works for both. I make these without liner in order for you to fully make use of the power characteristics of the felt. More of those coming up every other week. At least that's the aim. 

There are a couple of Nutria felt hats coming up soon. I have been preparing 3 hats which will look amazing. The felt is impressive and I can understand why it is compared with 100% Beaver felts. I simply have to make one for myself and try it out. More on that later. 

Thank you for your continued support! I am thrilled to be crafting fedoras for you and they are just getting better and better. My new tools have brought Hufvud Fedoras to a whole different level! Prices are still low, but I wonder for how long. Don't wait with placing an order, now is definitely the time. 



Mikael Einarsson | HUFVUD HATMAKER | Askeröd, Sweden. 


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