Hatmaker Week 42, October 2022: New move and big changes!

Hatmaker Week 42, October 2022: New move and big changes!

Everything is confirmed, signed and sealed! Hufvud is moving to a much larger studio at the beginning of 2023. Very exciting indeed. Many things will be easier to develop and many more projects will commence. I have had my eyes on a couple of heavy tools that will help to craft hats and for that I need the space. Once the studio is ready I will make another comparison of how the workspace for Hufuvd has grown over the years. I have made several moves, but this one is a more permanent move. Then again, you never know. Another move could happen, but that should be decades in the future.

The website will undergo a big update starting from next week! Most of the major changes is in the software, behind the site, but you will also notice different functions. I am making the major move on Monday and there might be a couple of days shut down until it’s finally up and running. Don’t worry about your orders, it will not have an impact. Besides, I have everything on paper and in my journals as well as in my head. Safe and sound.

The new site might impact the accounts that have been created over the years. As a customer, you are able to create an account and log in to see your order history. This might be impacted and you might have to create a new account. I am sorry if this causes any inconvenience. As I said, I still have all the records of your historical purchase on file and I can easily find it for you when you need to place another order. Speaking of which, you might want to place your order now, especially today, as price might change for certain material. Especially 100X Beaver. Costs are rising and I need to account for that. Not a major change, just a slight increase. My craft has developed a lot over the year and a slight increase is well over due. So, place your order today! Tomorrow might be too late.

I am expecting new felts in November, should be two new pastel colors. Perfect time before the spring. Winter has not even begun yet.

Changing of the website provider also helps to update the payment system. There will be more ways to make a payment, perhaps deposits and donations will be easier to manage. Also a functionality for making Direct Appointments for custom made hats. With the new studio you will be able to visit the Hatmaker of Hufvud and have your hat fitted and customized in person. All depends on the move and how fast I can get settled in the new studio. Very exciting times ahead! The new studio will be in the countryside and not in the city of Lund anymore. You would have to do a bit of travel in order to reach the studio, but it’s fun to travel. Especially with a bit of beautiful scenery. There are a couple of Bed and Breakfast locations nearby, so don’t worry about that. Or sleep on my couch, but beware of the dog that might join you.

Thank you all for your support with orders, donations and kind words! You are keeping this craft and myself alive. Wonderful energy!

Have a lovely Sunday!



Mikael Einarsson | HUFVUD HATMAKER | Lund (for now), Sweden


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Mikael, best of luck with these exciting changes.


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