Hatmaker Week 43, October 2022: Things are moving forward!

Hatmaker Week 43, October 2022: Things are moving forward!

This has been a marvelous week! New website is up and running. Some information is yet to be updated as well as some functions. The blog content from past weeks, months, is also not yet uploaded. Turns out it requires a bit more work than what I had anticipated. Will find a way to have it back online. But overall, it's a much more improved site in terms of functionality. There are more payment options available, as well as Klarna Payments which gives you the opportunity to pay in installments etc. Everything seems to be working well as orders are still coming in!

I am very occupied with preparations for moving to a new location and working on certain projects. Not much to update from this week. Please enjoy the hats that I finished this week and have a look at the videos for more details!

I appreciated your continued support, placing orders, sending donations and all the wonderful comments! Have a lovely Sunday!



Mikael Einarsson | HUFVUD HATMAKER | Lund (for now), Sweden



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Thank you Curtis!


Thank you Chris! I appreciate that. Things are indeed moving forward!


Very glad things are moving on and you’re happy with the progress, nice selection of your amazing hats. Chris


Great hats

Curtis Robinson

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