Hatmaker Week 23, June 2023: Summer Silverbelly

Hatmaker Week 23, June 2023: Summer Silverbelly

This weeks post got delayed. Mainly because I am doing a lot at the same time. The text I wrote yesterday got deleted as I uploaded this post. Not sure why but some hat photos was missing as well. Anyway! The second floor is coming along well. I have started to paint the walls which will take some time. I am planning out the floor, looking at samples in order to select the ideal and most economical according to my current budget. It should be an inviting space to visit and to work from. 

More felts and tools are coming in soon! I got the word from my tool supplier that they were finishing up the final details and testing the machines before shipping out. I hope that they will ship out this week and hopefully arrive in July. Heavy machines, I wonder how they will be shipped. More on those once they arrive. Better to show them in the studio with me explaining how they work. Very exciting indeed!

Thank you for your custom orders! I am happy to be busy over summer crafting hats for you. Much appreciated!


Mikael Einarsson | HUFVUD HATMAKER | Askeröd, Sweden.

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