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'Hufvud' is the obsolete spelling of 'Huvud' which translates to 'Head' in Swedish.

It all began when I couldn't find the type of hat I was looking for. I wanted something taller and an interior that was mixed with leather and silk. I wanted to wear a hat that told a story. My story.

Hats don't just create a look they protect our health from cold and wind. A well made hat will stay on your head and a sweatband will cushion your head from wear. The sweatband leather comes from a reputable and environmentally certified tannery. Same goes for our fur felt which only comes from respectable and sustainable felt makers in Europe.

I have read stories of hats being found from over 100 years ago which still are as vibrant as the first day they were made. This is the change I want to see, to make use of items we don't have to throw away but to keep for next generation. A hat also becomes someones personality that will live on, long after they are gone. Hats made for a legend.

Every material I purchase will be used. Scrap leather will turn into other items. Parts of the felt that are cut off can be preserved for other items as well. Nothing gets thrown away. If there is a mistake made in a hat, it will either be converted to another style or I will find a use for it.

Same goes for the shipping boxes. Everything made locally with no, or limited, use of plastic.

Now, have a seat, and tell me your story.

Mikael Einarsson | HUFVUD HATMAKER | Lund, Sweden

European Fur Felt and Components

The body of the hat is made from felted animal hair. Rabbit & hare mix is used for the basic hats. For the more durable and exclusive hats that will last longer, Beaver is used. Beaver sometimes mixed with hare for making a strong bond of felt. The European fur felt comes from a reputable maker of felts, who source the main hairs from northen Europe. Just like our sweatband leather the hair comes from animals that are balanced with nature through seasonal hunting.

Why do I craft hats?

I want to help you to be yourself. Wear the style of hat that resonates with your soul. You are not only protected when travelling through life, you are wearing your story in your fedora.

What you experience, so will your fedora. The mark on your hat reminds you of the time you took a leap of faith. Because, the biggest freedom is to be who you really are.

The legend will follow.

Mikael Einarsson | HUFVUD HATMAKER