Hatmaker Week 4, January 2023: It's time to pack!

Hatmaker Week 4, January 2023: It's time to pack!

The time has come! It's time to pack the studio for the great move. Everything has to be packed in bubble wrap and prepared for the moving company. I am not starting any new projects at this stage. I will only try to finish what I have started and continue once the new studio is finished setting up. If all goes well, I will be ready before the 1st of march. I am aiming to be ready as soon as possible. I am moving my home and studio in the same week, which might cause delays for the studio to be finished. I might have two more blog posts before here is a 2 week silence. I will write updates on the Facebook group as soon as I get a chance. 

This week I completed a couple of very interesting hats. I made two very unique RAGNAR FEDORAS. One in an 100X Beaver Emerald Gray felt and another in the newly arrived Dusty Rose felt. That color turned out be beautiful. I have another set of ribbon color that I wish to try on this hat. I might just make a Bogart fedora next. This particular hat is available in the marketplace and the Emerald Gray is a custom order. 

I also have a very interesting BOGART FEDORA in an different felt. A bit heavier than my normal stock of felts and it also feels a bit stiffer. But it turned out perfectly as a Bogart. It's a 100X Beaver felt and it's also available in the marketplace as of today. 

That's all I had to share for this week. We are entering February next week and we are just focusing on the move every single day. Thank you for your continued support. I am grateful for crafting hats for you. The new studio will enable Hufvud to grow. Have a wonderful Sunday!



Mikael Einarsson | HUFVUD HATMAKER | Lund (two more weeks), Sweden



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