Hatmaker Week 40, October 2023: Final Quarter!

Hatmaker Week 40, October 2023: Final Quarter!

We have now started the final Quarter of the year. October, November and December left! How time flies and how quickly 2023 have gone by. Much has happened at Hufvud and much is yet to happen. The performance of Hufvud has been amazing during 2023. With all the events that have taken place, I am amazed at the financial figures. Though There have been a lot of costs incurred during the beginning of the year, I doubt that I will catch up on all the expenses this year. Much of the investments have come from my own pockets and it will be returned in time. I don't recommend taking a loan as a small business as it can cause in a great danger for the future. I am lucky to have some capital available for the company if needed. But it has to be returned as well. 

I am making some changes in October. 30X Beaver Blend will be taken off the offerings. Mainly because I don't have much stock left of it and I won't replenish the felt blend. I will only keep replenishing 50X and the 100X. Makes it all easier to keep track of and hopefully easier for my clients to understand the difference between the felts. It does not mean that the price will increase at the moment, just more focus on certain type of felt. 

Thank you everyone for your kind words and wonderful custom orders. I am happy to keep busy over the coming months. If you are wondering about the seasonal sale. I never discount my creations for Black Friday or Christmas etc. The costs are too high for the materials and components that I use. I simply can't do it. The marketplace hats are reduced in price as they are readily available without further customizations.


Mikael Einarsson | HUFVUD HATMAKER | Askeröd, Sweden. 

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