Hatmaker Week 45, November 2023: Hats of old

Hatmaker Week 45, November 2023: Hats of old

Love it, want it, got to have it? Beautiful 30X Beaver Blend Royal Blue color! This felt is as rare as it gets. I do not have many left and I am not offering it for custom orders. I will craft some spectacular hats and place them on the Marketplace, then you can have it. Once all my 30X Felts are gone, they are gone for good. Never say never. My aim is not to purchase it anymore. It makes customers confused as to what is all the difference. 50X and 100X should be enough. Half as good or twice as amazing. Pick and choose. 

I went a bit differently with this build. I originally intended to craft a Royal Blue Bogart with a nice Oxblood 50mm crown ribbon. Then, I change my mind and wanted to make something totally new. A replica Stetson Playboy! I have to admit, the back of the brim could have a bit more curve and the brim could be slightly longer. I made this with a 2 1/2 inch brim when it ought to be 2 3/4 inch instead. The crown height is 4 3/4 at the front pinch, 5 inch at the tallest point. Turned out amazing, if you ask me and I assume that you are. Scroll down to see the interrior, my god it's beautiful. I am starting to question where do I get all the skills from? Practice, practice and a whole lot of failures before succeeding. That is the secret sauce. Anyone tell you otherwise for the road to success is a liar. Period. 

Busy weeks leading up to the Holidays. My American friends across the pond will be celebrating Thanksgiving before Christmas and New Years. The market is going crazy with singles day and black Friday, black week, black month. When are there never discounts out there. When I grew up, discounts were rare. You could only find it before the great holidays and sometimes close to a public holiday. Now, it's constantly. Makes it very obsolete. Besides, they lie about the price all the time. They are never actually discounted.

At Hufvud, we keep the prices set. We only raise them when a major improvement or new addon that makes a big impact on the quality occurs. Otherwise, no change. The price of Beaver goes up, I make the hats better before increasing the price. Sound business isn't it? A lot of hatmakers out there have raised the prices twofold without even improving on their craft. That is just plain robbery and a scam for all the clients that fall for it. Don't be one of those. Get a high quality hat at Hufvud for a great price. 

Got to get back to work, training for the fire department and enjoy the busy life that I have. Love crafting hats for you! 



Mikael Einarsson | HUFVUD HATMAKER | Askeröd, Sweden.

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