Hatmaker Week 29, July 2023: The Important Space

Hatmaker Week 29, July 2023: The Important Space

Saturday evening, before I finished the day laying floor boards, I made a realization. I am out of screws! I only had 3 lines left of floor to complete before the entire space would be finished. On Sundays, mostly everything is closed. Monday morning I will have to run to the hardware store, drive perhaps, and purchase a box of screws to complete the floor work. But it's almost complete! It took me an entire week to finish. It's about 100 m2 of floor. With little to no experience I managed to almost complete the work in a week. Instead of wallowing because of lack of screws I decided to start to move in. The floor, will be completed tomorrow once I have been to the store. It's perhaps half days work since the last line of floor boards needs to be cut to fit the space. I am very excited to start working up there, the bright working space is fantastic! 

That's not all. I also received a phone call from the airport freight service telling me that my much awaited crates of tools have arrived. They didn't say tools, just crates. I am expecting delivery of those during next week. Hopefully, I will be able to start to use them before the end of the week. As long as the assembly works flawlessly. More on that later, video and photos will be available. I also have an additional delivery of tools towards the end of the week! Just wonderful!

I am very happy to have reach this stage of Hufvud. To have a wonderful place to work from. A truly dedicated space for work, to be creative and to make others happy. I started Hufvud in a tiny apartment and moved from garage to larger space as I developed further. To have more than 200 m2 space for the company today is amazing. The space you work from is very important, but one might have to start from very humble beginnings at first. I recommend any small company or start up to really plan and find the ideal space that will help you to excel further. You simply do what you can just to grow your business, if you have to start from a tent it's perfectly fine, but aim to get out of there as soon as possible. It took Hufvud 6 years before this finally happened. 

But we are not done just yet. Now it's time to improve the space. Improvement of efficiency it top priority. Obviously the décor needs some work. The staircase needs replacing to fit the space. But all in due time. 

My body is in pain from crawling on the floor all week. But it was worth it. More fantastic news will follow! Thank you for your continued support, pardon the delay in email response. I appreciate your support and kind words during this period. My love and respect!


Mikael Einarsson | HUFVUD HATMAKER | Askeröd, Sweden.


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Can’t wait to place and order,thanks for reignited addition to style and class

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