Hatmaker Week 30, July 2023: It's like a new move

Hatmaker Week 30, July 2023: It's like a new move

It's the first week working on the 2nd floor of the new studio! It is fantastic! The problem is, I am missing storage units and work benches to house everything that I need up there. But I have already set things into motion and I will have an expanded work space by next week and additional storage shelves as well. That's my aim at least. As before, I will be crafting the much needed furniture as I am also expanding my knowledge in woodworking. 

The electrician has not installed all the lights and fixtures yet, that is due to happen sometime during August. As long as its done before Autumn/ Winter then its fine. Dark days of winter make it even darker indoors without proper lights. Speaking of proper light, I took the first couple of photos of a hat on the 2nd floor. Mainly to try out the light and see how the current studio lights work in the new space. The additional ceiling lights will help in the future. 

Earlier this week I finally received my much awaited tools. They were ordered during January of this year and have arrived 6 months later at the studio. Photos are below. Fully assembled and ready to work. They are fantastic and I am happy to have this addition in the studio. More on these in the coming weeks as I will show and explain how they work. With the amount of hats that I make every week, these will help to make certain work easier and less strain on my hand and arms. 

Many things have happened during July and it has also been an all time record sales month for July month and year to date. Fantastic! Thank you all for your kind support and for allowing me to craft your hats. You are keeping this craft alive within Hufvud and are allowing me to invest in more tools in order to bring these fantastic hats to the market. Thank you very much!

Have a wonderful Sunday and please reach out when you are ready to discuss your new custom hat.


Mikael Einarsson | HUFVUD HATMAKER | Askeröd, Sweden. 

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Great shape to that hat.
Great looking equipment.

David Ambrico

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